…A blog,a blog my petty little kindom for a blog.One with words that dance and play upon the page.Frolicing with joyous abandon as they travel the magic ways.From the chambers of my mind to the wordsmith’s swirling net.Off to the mind for processing and out through the heart and soul on their journey through the infernal machine to speak to those in their places appointed.What words will come out to play today,I’m sure I don’t know as I take my place here before the great white page.
…An eventful day has been passing here at the Palace.Family matters that are not to be discussed here.I don’t yet have a clue what the symbols of humanity are about to say I just know that my aching fingers have demanded  time to play.Pounding with a reckless and fevered nearly frenzied pace to hammer out the words that are the tools of my adopted trade.Words that may communicate a message of seeming import or not much of anything at all.The great white page staring at me in a mocking taunt to combine the thoughts and notions the wordsmith has collected into something worth the time invested by those who happen by this way.
…I can’t imagine,I just don’t know what he wants me to say.Maybe,just maybe we all simply need some time for play.No seeming messaage of import escaping the chambers today.Just my aching dancing fingers comming out to play.I’ll be leaving now,yes I’ll run away.With the hope that my dancing has not led you astray.When there is no message,nothing to pontificate I worry that my readers will wonder at their fate.The power of my words attracts the unsuspecting I guess that I will use their power to leave you with this ending.Please to show COMPASSION and RESPECT for all your fellows,for you just may find peace within as your soul becomes more mellow.

…………………Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………….

……………………..The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………..

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  1. Your blogs are getting better and better


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