Some Words

…I love the english language as you may have noticed if you have happened by to read my particular brand of drivel.To make a play on words or turn a phrase causing subtle differencs in meaning and little twists of nuance to cause the reader to possibly look at something from a different angle potentialy pondering a new point of view.Sometimes as I hammer at the keyboard I may simply be entertaining my wandering mind.The end results are often not what it was I started out to say in the first place.This however usualy doesn’t bother me as it all seems to shake out in the end.

…As of late I have found myself growing impatient and restless as I wander through the cyber world partaking of what others have to say.I have become tired of the repitition and skewed misunderstanding of matters of seeming import and of those who simply can not seem to put their words in a proper mode of expression.I realize this is a tad bit selfish and petty of me but sometimes the master of selfish grumbling steps up to assert himself on my being.After all I am only human and an often misunderstood one at that.Simply because I put the time and effort into that which I would send to the universe through the magical keyboard,and I guess that some of my fellows don’t appreciate my efforts which matters not to me.

…The past couple of days I have simply lost my normaly patient and diplomatic manner of dealing with my fellow members of spiecies human.Comments I have made and efforts to communicate effectivly with compassionate understanding have resulted in the ire of some of my fellows being pointed in my direction.I have concluded that I simply do not give a particular care about most of this for the time being  and am going to continue to bluntly speak my mind as I see fit to do for myself.

…I doubt that this departure from diplomacy will last long and I’m certain some will be sure to point out to me that I seem to be a tad peckish and short with those who happen by.This will just cease to be my problem as how I am percieved by others is not realy a large concern of mine.There are a few important people in my life who know me well enough to take me with a grain or three of salt when the need arises.So for the near to here future if you don’t care for what I have to say you are certainly entitled to your valid feelings.If you decide to share your opinions with me be prepared as I may react in a manner inconsistent with how you would like me to..

……..This One Is All For Me………………………………………………….

……………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………….

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2 Responses to Some Words

  1. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    You go man!…Just how much drivel must we swallow before our heads, (in spite of our best diplomatic efforts) spin completely around and we begin to spew forth like the possessed “Regan” of “The Exorsist” fame…


  2. badchase says:

    Write because You want to and write about what You want to write about. I understand you and your seemingly unreplenishing supply of patience and diplomacy. I myself has almost run out with patience when it comes to certain people. But be yourself that is the most fun both for us and for you.
    I follow one rule and that is Truth! Be true to yourself and to others, who cares what other people think.

    PS: BTW nice of you for leaving a comment on my blog, much appreciated and nice to know that you enjoyed it! Keep up the good work yourself!


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