The Great Ones

…Some of the great ones were crooners,others singers and some the all around writer/performer combination.How many dare to dream of being amoung the chosen ones whose golden voices and flowing words evoke the deep profound emotions in those of us numbered as spiecies human.Yet very few ever realize the dream as the combination of circumstances and talent meeting up at the right time and place in the universe for this to happen are the rarest of rare.Most of us are religated to the places appointed where the seats bow before the stage where the great ones will perform.

…In my minds eye I ascend the stage as I write.Strutting purposfuly to take my place behind the bully pulpit from where I shall pontificate and have my message of seeming import regaurded or disregaurded as the members see fit.I know that this place I visit in my minds eye is as close as I’ll ever come to being numbered amoung the great ones.The feelings evoked within as I pound upon these symbols of humanity on this the magical keyboard are profound.Maybe only to me for the short stay that I have at this place within my mind but I cherish each and every one of those moments.For while I am here behind this my bully pulpit I am numbered amoungest the gerat ones,at least in my minds eye.

…In the end I guess that is all that realy matters.If I feel as if I’ve had my “15 minutes” of fame I should be satisfied.Thing is though I never am.The wandering wordsmith is always lurking in the recesses of my mind.Waiting,looking ready to grasp any old thought or notion that happens on by.Sending all for processing at the mind to be poured out and delivered from the heart and soul.Sometimes I have not a clue where the wordsmith is headed in his impatient fury to be heard.No clear path lies before me,no notes or outlines or any such to aid in the pounding of these mystical symbols.I just hold on for the ride as my mind races thoughts to the keys in an unrelenting paradox of action verses thought and what came first…the chicken or ther egg?

…Yes,resoundimgly yes I want to be numbered amoung the great ones.Even if it’s only in my minds eye I shall go there.Deep down inside me lies the restless spirit of a minstrel,poet,song writer,crooner or maybe just, maybe, just little old me wanting to set free that which drives the wandering wordsmith to take task with the burning desires of my oft befuddled mind.I share these things with any who would stop by to investigate just what it is that goes on here.If anyone figures it out please feel free to share your discovery with me as sometimes I know not what I do or indeed why I do it.

………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way…………………………………………..

…………..The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………………………

..Shhh I have a secret,I know the thing to write.I just don’t know if I dare……………………………..

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2 Responses to The Great Ones

  1. curiousgypsy says:

    thanks for checking out my blog…am moving it actually in case you are interested in keeping up with my blog.

    I’ve added you so I’ll be watching you…..let’s make it entertaining…lol

    happy holidays


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