The Golden Pen

…So now I have waxed to my philisophical side as you can see if you read the two previous posts.With all the well wishing and thoughts floating around I have decided there is yet another story for the Golden Pen to scroll across the page today.This one will be more about me and my wish for this season.My answer to the blogs on gifts,wishes,hopes and prayers that seem to occupy this the place we travel.Please to forgive this old cat’s self induldgence as I simply have to let the wordsmith take over and pound out these words.
…I went for a walk on this brisk winter’s day.As I ambled along the streets I was pondering the blog I had just posted.My thoughts and wishes of goodwill having released themselves from my soul I began to ponder on what I would want here now this very day.Those of you who know me may recall my wish blog from a few months ago,if not it doesn’t realy matter I guess.I shall now once again trouble the genie of the bottle as I have only seen fit to have used just one wish.Once again this will be a complex wish to put into words so I hope the golden pen is up to the task.
…I wish…….A warm cozy kitchen on a brisk winter’s day.The oven working overtime as a beatiful lady puts her heart into her self appointed task.She is in the mood and feeling the spirit of the season.Her task is to do some Chrisrmas baking.Cookies will be forthcomming from the overworked oven.To delight all who happen this way.
…I sneak a peek around the corner to see that she is busy.Slipping quietly through the room to steal a morsel of that wounderfuly magical cookie dough.She turns with a look that says you better run away,slaps my hand and sends me on my way.This continues throught the day.I know she loves me as she chases me away.Battered,bruised and properly scolded I continue to on my mission to steal the cookie dough.
…Her reslove wearing thin she lovingly threatens me with the rolling pin.I grin from ear to ear and then I run away.As I know that she is not ammused by this my kind of play.I come yet again to peek around the corner.Seeing that she’s busy is an oppertunity made to order.I silddle up behind her and wrap my arms around her for a gentle hug.Whisper in her ear and kiss her on the neck,tell her she is beautiful and give a parting peck.My hands as they unwrap will pat her on the fanny.Cause that’s the kind of guy I am and she is not my nanny.
…I’ll never get that cookie dough she bakes with loving care.For me it would be enough if I could just be there.When the day is over and my lady she is tired,I’ll tuck her into bed,wrap my arms around her,give a sweet goodnight kiss and just bask in the glory of being with her there.

…….That’s my Christmas wish for all to see………

…………The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…..

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2 Responses to The Golden Pen

  1. greenlasagna says:

    This is what relationships should be like. Unfortunately, too many men will find some fault with their lady baking instead of attending to their needs. Your lady is fortunate, indeed.


  2. Karla says:

    And I wish that for you Catsman, may those joys of the holidays (and always) be yours.


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