…Some days I just don’t know what to think.I have no idea how I should or do feel about so many things that I feel like an empty shell,a shadow of a man.This tends to cause my feet to wander out to the streets.Taking my often protesting body out for a walk in the brisk air of the early winter.Strange thing is when the air bites my body with it’s winter chill my old pal Lyme seems to hide somewhere deep inside.Providing a temporary reprieve from the aches and pains that often occupy my old bag of bones.

…This seems to be the time when my mind takes the liberty to reflect on the doings of my little portion of the vast universe.I ponder as I wander feet beating a rythm on the pavement.Mind retreating to it’s inner reaches to uncover whatever may be lurking there.Most days there is no direction to my wandering or the pondering that always seems to come along for the ride.Recent conversations or events roll around waiting to be judged and verdicts passed on how I may or may not feel in regaurds to them.I don’t get a lot of time for all these doings as my bones start to give protest within the first mile,leaving me to decide just how much dysfunction I’m going to tolerate for the rest of the day.In other words do I turn back or ignore the bag of bones and let them protest as I continue the outbound leg of my journey.

…The choice always seems to depend on the particular ponderings of the day.I will continue outbound until I sense a settling of the restlessness that has led me to the streets in the first place.Walking until I feel my spirits starting to lift themselves back up to an acceptable level for dealing with whatever the day decides to toss my way.I usualy manage to return from these outings with a clear head and a positive outlook on the day.Having settled restless thoughts and feelings into their appointed places within.The man and shadow once again combining to form the complete assemblege of human,the I that travels the universe of the day.

……….Peace To All Who Pass This Way………………………………………………

…………….The catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………………………

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2 Responses to Shadows

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  2. greenlasagna says:

    I too know what it’s like to just be a blank, when the pain takes over and your brain can do nothing else but deal with it. I am blessed to live in Florida, where I can walk about most days without freezing, although in the summer, I have to get out early or late so as not to melt!

    Wishing you pain free holidays and love and light always. I’m so happy we have met.


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