Reflections On The Season

This is a little something I posted on the dating site I subscribe to.This morning it just seemed everywhere I looked were nothing but woe is me attention seeking blogs and comments.This usualy sets me off as I just don’t understand how people expect to have a positive expierence when all they do is gripe and complain knowing that the sqeaky wheel get’s the grease I guess whining will get you noticed but I doubt if it will get you any dates.

…Well here we are,Friday at long last.It has decided to snow up here in central Wisconsin.About time too,getting pretty late in the year to not have snow.It’s one of those funny kinds of snow jobs that just can’t seem to make up it’s mind.Barly discernable one moment and huge flakes falling in a blinding rage the next.Just enough for the present to leave what we up here would call a dusting.
…This leads my oft befuddled mind off on yet another strange tangent.Drawing correlations between the weather outside the window and the currents of humanity flowing across the screen in front of me.Happy go lucky joyful fun one instant and the very next seemingly black clouds of discontent appearing on the horizen to dampen the spirits of those who travel here.Yes I’m laying it on a little thick but that is a liberty I take as author of this blog.Sometimes you have to use some not so colorful metafores to draw the unsuspecting into the particular reality you want for them to examine.
…Now I see the sun struggling to make it’s presence known and am left to wonder what will come of this winter’s day.Will the snows continue causing my back to protest that it wants no part of cleaning up the mess or will the winter winds pick up and blow the snow away.Perhaps the sun will continue to shine forth and melt the wonderful white powder off the sidewalks and drivways of our little lives.
…Indeed the weather in my neighborhood often reminds me of this little universe here where we travel.Happy go lucky fun times running wildly free for a short while only to be chased away by the seeming matters of petty import.It surely causes this writer to examine the matter of choices.For you see while we cannot control the weather ouside our windows we most assurdly can control the mood and flow of thoughts and words in this our microcosm of the universe.The power to choose lies with each and every fellow who travels here.
…Shall the choice be to continue on with the ponderings of the negative aspects of the weather that is our lives leaving our backs to protest in agony as we shovel away the accumulated fears,sorrows and past pains.Or shall we bring into play the winds of our blessed humanity and blow the serious sorrows away so that the sun that is our collective hearts and souls can shine forth and melt away that which would drag us kicking and screaming down the path to despair.I of course can only choose for myself to be the wind that blows the negative on it’s ponderous way and bring to my day the fun frolicing madness of a fun filled freaky friday that puts a smile on my face and joyful contentment in my heart.I just don’t feel like shoveling today,snow or anything else that would threaten to bring my spirit down in any way.

……………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way………………………………….

…………………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………….

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