Rambling Thoughts Of A Restless Spirit

…Oh the thoughts they do ramble as the thunder rumbles through the echoing chambers of my oft befuddled mind.Notions running off to join the shadows in the dusty corners to be found there.The wandering wordsmith searching for the symbols of humanity to combine and send forth through the magical keyboard.He dares to walk alone in the darkness,not because he’s a brave soul,he simply has no choice.It is his fate to wander the  chambers of my mind.Searching for the notions hiding in the darkened corners waiting to entrap the thoughts as they form.

…The wandering wordsmith,bringer of freedom,traveling forever alone in the darkness.Searching for the notions with their captive thoughts,to collect and bring to the light of the great white page.Utilizing the tools of humanity to loose upon the unsuspecting an assembledge of words and phrases for their regaurd or disregaurd,it matters not to him.His only mission to collect and assemble that which would become the message to be delivered from the bully pulpit where I so love standing to pontificate the ponderings of my heat and soul combined into what may or may not be a message of import.Sometimes not so much to please those in their places appointed as to simply give freedom to the rumblings caused by the pent up notions and thoughts caught up in the cobwebs of the dusty chambers of my mind. 

…Today is a day of restless rumblings and nearly incoherent notions clamouring for release to the great white page.I seem to have no specific direction or clear path to follow for the bringing forth of the symbols of humanity.Yet I dare to step up to the bully pulpit anyway simply because it is the place I go to find the inner peace that quiets the rumbling echoes in my restless mind.So many thoughts,so many notions,combining into wishes and desires pouring through my heart and soul seeking a path towards the light of reality.Finding only one obstacle after another being casualy tossed out before me to be dealt with or eliminated before I can move forward.Wearing on my reslove and sapping the strength of my being leaving me to wonder if I can yet prevail over the circumstances of my life.

…These are the daily struggles of life for this writer in the thourghly modern Millie world.A place that  on occasion gets the best of me causing my mind to wander off the path towards the light seeking a place to rest.Some days even dreamless sleep brings no peace to the turmoil of my desires.Fingers disconnecting,hesitating and simply hovering over the keyboard as the words refuse to flow.I know that this must be endured for a short while.These feelings must run their course through my being and then be discarded to the wastelands from whence they came.To leave once again in their wake the one known simply as I.

…This disertation must needs come to a close now.With renewed hope and regathered strength of thought and character I am prepared  to step forth again onto the path towards the light.To resume the journey through the often harsh world where my spirit resides.I will commune with my fellows and draw temporarily from them the added strength I need to navigate the obstacle course that is my life on this particular day.We are after all social creatures the members of spiecies human and when the need arises leaning on our fellows will help us to get where it is we need to go.

………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way………………………………………

…………….The catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………………..

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