…I just took a huge step out of character for me over on the dating site where I hang out.The blog that I just posted there is full of sarcasm and some pointed thoughts on negative attitudes.This is a direct result of witnessing yet another Monday full of negative postings by people who seem to only be seeking the attention and possibly pity of others.I am so tired of these games being played out in the piblic fourms of said dating site.

…Consider if you will the supposed purpose of being a member of that type of site to begin with.The avowed reason being to find some dates or better yet a long term loving companion.Please to explain to me how these attention seeking poor,poor pitiful me attitudes are going to help anyone attract another.Of course it seems that these weekly dramas have a regular cast of characters to dance upon the pity stage.I guess this realy should not surprise me,after all I’ve been around the block a few times.

…The thing  that strikes me though is the simple fact of choice.When will people wake up and CHOOSE to take control of their lives.How you FEEL at any given point in your life is totaly up to you as the individual in control of your own feelings.The choice is your’s to make at every turn throughout the span of your years.Wether some wonderful positve expierences are visiting themselves upon you or the perverbial crap is hitting the fan how YOU FEEL is totaly up to you.There may be some initial difficulties gathering yourself up and dusting off to take another shot at something,or letting go of the anger and grief that accompanies a loss but you don’t have to embrace the negative energy produced under those circumstances.

…The choice belongs to each and every member of spiecies human.When powerful forces conspire to loose negative energies into your being you can CHOOSE to let that energy pass through you to then be on it’s cantankerous way or let it fester in your soul to bring anguish and grief to your days to then leave you tossing and turning your miserable way through sleepless nights.So what’s it going to be for you my friends? The CHOICES belong to you and you alone.

…………..Peace To All Who Pass This way………………………………………….

……………..The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………………

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One Response to Choices

  1. Leslie Kavouakis says:

    My first reaction…”Have I been whining?”’s not me..Whew!


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