The Turkey Day

…I sit today in front of the magical keyboard without a lot on my ponderous mind.Today being Thanksgiving there is not a lot to be found out here in the vaunted cyberworld.Some thoughts here a notion or two there but overall it seems that maybe many are busy today doing whatever they do on this day,be it traditional or maybe radical.Me I’m just pounding out some random thoughts that are wishing for release from the dusty chambers of my mind.

…The assorted members of the extended family here at the Palace,as I call this place,are all in residence today.Ny daughter the Queen of the Palace having made a last second decision this morning to procure and attempt to thaw and roast a Thanksgiving day turkey.For reasons known only to herself she did not make this decision earlier in the week which would have made the process a wee bit easier to tackle today.That’s my girl though a beautiful blue eyed blonde who laughs at and often resembles every dumb blonde joke ever heard.I have no doubt in my mind that she will tackle this task she has set successfuly and at some point before the day is over this extended family will have the privledge of partaking of the fruits of her labor.

…So I am watching my beloved Green Bay Packers play the Lions in another of those things we call tradition.The grandkiddos are being thier usual selves and mildly misbehaving for the time being.Nothing realy outside the normal daily buzz for this crazy place where I for now reside.I’ve been here a while now as circumstances have conspired to bring me here,so I well know how the tides are going to ebb and flow throughout this day and I will sit merrily on the sidlines and enjoy.Things will go right and things will go wrong but the Queen of the Palace will eventualy prevail and Thanksgiving dinner will be presented to partake of before the midnight hour strikes.

…I shall now procede to bring to a close this little disertation on the life and times of this old cat on this the day of giving thanks.The day will procede on it’s way as time allows for nothing to block it’s passing.We can only mark the days of our lives as they march on with our active participation or shrugged indifference.We the members of spiecies human have the privlege of choosing how to mark our passing  on this mother earth.So however you choose to pass your time on this day I wish for you the inner peace and joy that you so richly deserve.

…………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………………..

…………………..The catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………..

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3 Responses to The Turkey Day

  1. Dahlia30 says:

    Peace To All Who Pass This Way… Nice…


  2. Leslie Kavouakis says:

    Actually even though it seems unusual for grandparents to reside with their offspring these days, it wasn’t so long ago it was the norm. My gran lived with us for several months during the year when I was a kid and when she wasn’t with us she was with my Uncle, his wife and 8 kids! We sort of had split custody of Gran. You are just carrying on a grand tradition…called Family! Leslie


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