…There are some constants in this universe we travel through.The speed of light,or the speed of sound,are two that come handily to mind.He who is born will surely die is another but I’m not thinking on constants tonight.On this brisk late fall evening I am pondering changes.Our lives are in a continual state of flux,change seeming to become a constant in and of itself.That’s an important concept,change becomming a constant in and of itself.

…The thoughts and notions gathering inside the chambers of my mind tonight seem to be orbiting around the inevibility of change.Seasons change as our expectant mother travels on her journey through the vast universe.Styles change with the seasons and sometimes for no apparent reason whatsoever.Times change and so do the people who partake of them,and finaly to the point of this latest disertation from the mind of the wandering wordsmith, relationships change.

…No matter the factors involved or the people who are part of the relationship in question the dynamics of interpersonal relations are also in a constant state of flux.The question becomes how to deal with and maintain a high quality loving relationship with your chosen other as the times,people,events and multitudes of other things conspire to change the dynamics of your partnership with the one who would be to you, soulmate.So many things can change.Your lives as individuals and as a loving couple are subject to the whims of other people,the events in the wide world around you and even the seasons mother earth brings with her journey around the life giving sun.

…I’m here at this magical keyboard tonight attemting to sort through some changes that are working their way into my life even as I pour my thuughts out on to this great white page before me.There is no assignment of good or bad to these types of changes,they just exhist.Their influence will visit itself upon me regaurdless of how I feel about it.I sometimes am a little slow to accept changes,even small ones like those on my mind just now,as are many of my fellows.Feelings of restless anxiety flow into and through my being for a short while until I accept and deal with the particular changes seemingly assulting my being.Knowing better than to fight with the unsettling influences of impending change is the first step in dealing with the results thereof.There just ain’t no point in pissing in the wind,might as well face downwind and let mother nature flow the way she will.

…That’s my urgent matter of seeming important on this wonderous evening.The small changes that are going to affect themselves upon myself and the lady special who occupies the place appointed in my heart.Funny thing is I can lay the reasons for these minor changse right at the feet of mother nature’s seasons.The colder weather is going to take away some of the precious hours and minutes that I have to relate to the girl who is my friend.The need to avoid to much time in the colder air of the season,shorter hours of daylight,unpredictable road conditions as winter imposes itself up here in the north country and a host of little things that will bring some noticable yet minor changes to the dynamics of how we’re able to relate to each other.

…These are the kinds of things that our lives are made of.Major,minor and anywhere inbetween the two. The inevitable, unstoppable march of change will always be with us the members of spiecies human.How we face and eventualy deal with those changes demonstrates the level of our commitments to ourselves and those important others who share our life’s journey.I feel very strongly that remaining focused on the big picture, maintaining an intimate level of communication and just plain old fashioned give and take will lead the way to a smooth transition between the seasons of any loving relationship.Always remember my friends communication is not just what you say,it’s how you say it and what you do.Words are wonderful tools and small actions can speak volumes.When you have less time to relate the quality and depth of the communicating you do becomes a matter of greater import.The looks,the words,the whispered sweet nothings late at night on the phone,a quick email,the sly wink or a gentle brush of the hand,stepping around the corner for a quick sweet smooch all those little things we sometimes take for granted become very large portions of the intimacies we exchange as time and circumstances allow.Just remember the seasons of your life will change again and anticipation of more time together will make it all the sweeter when your springtime comes around again.

…………..A Notion To ponder On……………………..

………………Peace To All Who travel Here…………………………..

………………….The catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………

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  1. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    Your “Muse” brings out your best work…


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