This Old cat

…There is a blog I’ve been wanting to write.I normaly don’t hesitate to loose my particular brand of drivel on the unsuspecting who wait in their places appointed.This particular collection of thoughts and notions,feelings and desires hits mighty close to home and involves a particular other who has become embossed on my heart and indeed touches my very soul,so I hesitate to loose upon the page the feelings that are encamped way down deep inside this old cat.I hesitate out of my imense respect for this very special lady who has captured my heart,well I don’t know about captured for she inspired me to deliver my love to her simply by being the most wonderful woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

…Indeed all those semmingly complex emotions and feelings came storming back into my being when I met this lady.I knew from the very first that I was falling in love,and there has never been a moments hesitation or doubt in me.For me at this point in my life nothing could have prepared me for this absolutly profound expierence.I had no idea of the depths of feeling that I’m capable of,it seems as if my entire previous life has been the platform to prepare me for this moment in time.I want to cry out loud with joy screaming at the top of my lungs with every breath I take declaring my profound love for this woman.This all seems right and perfectly natural to me yet I hesitate,not because I question how I feel,rather because I respect my lady’s wish to keep our together life away from the sometimes harsh scrutiny of public view.

…So I pour myself on to this page here as opposed to the dating site in the hopes of gaining the release my heart seems to desire.My reality self knows and accepts the necessary real world issues she and I face,but I don’t feel intimidated or the least discouraged by any of these things.Yes I am learning the virtous value of being a patient man and while I have that oh so typical male desire to “fix” all the things that seem to need fixing I am learning that simply loving a woman is often all that is required of the sometimes confused male of species human.

…So I shall simply love this special woman with all my heart and indeed from the very core,soul if you wish,of my being.I guess I finaly understand the oft repeated and I think largely missunderstood concept of “soulmate”.A concept that I’m sure the younger version of me could never have understood. There are times I marvel at the varied and specific sets of circumstances that have brought this lady and I toghther,here,now at this particular point in time.Fate,luck,or quite possibly devine intervention have conspired to cross the lonely paths of two very special individuals and allow them to begin a journey toghther,the way the men and women of speicies human were meant to travel.

…I will end this disertation now and hope that my editor agrees to allow it to be published.The much needed unleashing of this particular set of thoughts and notions has for the moment quieted my seeming need to declare myself from the rooftops with the wild abandon of a young man feeling the power of love for the first time.I am no longer the younger man I once was however I do believe this is the first time I have truely felt the absolute joy that comes with this thing called love.You may be wondering why my editor may not wish to see this wildly wonderous combination of words and phrases to be laid bare for the unsuspecting to see.Well the editor in question is the lady I hold so dear to my herat and if she wishes this blog will be left in a special place for only her and I to see.For with my love I deliver unto this woman my utmost respect.

………………Peace To All Who Travel Here………………………………………..

……………………..The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………….

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One Response to This Old cat

  1. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    I can almost hear, Doris Day, singing “Secret Love” as loud as the stereo will go. Bravo!!!!!


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