The Nagging Doubts

…The sky turned inside out and the storms raged with a ferocity seldom seen.Sheets of rain pelting the earth,the unleashig of mother nature’s pent up passions.Lightning crackling so close my body momentarily charged with electric shock,as rumbling thunder punished my ears with it’s pounding fury.Throughout the night and into the dawn the storms raged on.
…Sleep having been sent screaming into the night,my mind began to wander.Random thoughts with no cohesive force spinning through the echoing chambers of my mind.Flashes of times past with questions of times yet to be.A young man reading from the bible to the congrigation at Sunday service,his fear revealed by the timber of his voice.His confidence slowing building until the chapter and verse ring clearly through the hallowed hall.
…That same youn man years later on sitting in silent rage as the Priest berates him for parting with the church.Wondering what the rest of those in attendence at his mother’s funeral will think of him now.
…Forward in time again as the man takes on the tasks of fatherhood.Will the mortgage be met,will the bills get paid.How will I manage as my childern grow.I wonder if I’m raising them well and what kind of adults will they become.
…With the childern grown and the marriage long since disolved once again the naging doubts come rolling into his mind,like the raging storms of the night.The fear of embarking on yet another chapter in life,without knowing where the new path he has chosen to travel will lead.To happiness,fulfillment of the passions now rekindled in his heart and soul,for like the raging storm they are refusing to be denied.
…The questions and fears of our lives give us pause to reflect.Choices have to be made and the unknown must be revealed.For until we make the choice and begin the journey the nagging doubts will rage on and consume our spirit like the storm consuming the sky.

……………………..The catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………………..

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