The Comment

…I was reading a blog on the dating site I subscribe to.It’s not one of the big flashy pay to play kind of sites you see all over the place.Just a smaller still free site that seems to attract some of the finest examples of species human I have ever had the pleasure of being aquainted with.Good old fashioned folks from all backrounds and varied walks of life interacting and socializing on a daily basis with some fascinating results jumping right off the pages at times to touch me in ways I never anticipated when I began my adventures there.

…Just a scant few minutes ago I was purusing the blogs over there and ran across a holiday story that touched my heart and actualy brought tears to my eyes.It was a story of how a woman and her childern had fallen on hard times back in the 60’s and the small miracles that helped them to survive and even thrive one particular holiday season.Those miricales being  provided by the people who had become part of her life,or so one must assume when reading the story,as the identities of her benefactors is of course never revealed.Kind of like what happened to me a few months ago when my daughter’s computer fried and a friend of mine GAVE me this one for my very own.This infernal machine as I often refer to it as has become a literal Godsend for me and of coures the condition of the gift is that I never reveal the name of my benefactor.

…There is often a resilience to the members of spiecies human that has an indescribable depth and strength of character that is simply astounding.People suffering through the toughest challenges imaginable and maintaining a constant belief and faith that somehow,some way they will survive and find themselves in the position of being the unsung benefactor for another at some point in their lives.A rock solid unflappable faith in their particular higher power and other members of the spiecies human that we all travel with on this our expectant mother earth.This resilence,this resolve,this faith or however you care to describe it is totaly unique to we the members of the human race.Only we may touch another at the very core of their being,the human soul.

…So my fellows I leave you tonight with these thoughts ringing out from my place of pontification, the bully pulpit  that I so love to stand behind and send my thoughts and feelings out to be seen and absorbed by those who dwell in the places appointed before me at the other end of the etheral world that this infernal machine connects me to.The notion that set off this ponderous pontification on this crisp fall evening,the comment I was inspired to leave on the blog about the lady and her childern’s miracles back in the 60’s…….

………”The amazing articles of faith written upon the human soul…..what power,what grace…The absolute beauty of spiecies human”…………

…………….Peace To You my friends………………………………………………………

……………………….The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………………

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