A Journey To Peace

…Some days I just don’t know what to do with myself.I can’t seem to find the center,the balance if you will,of the being that occupies the soul within my physical self.Said physical self never realy allowing for a day of simple I feel good.Feeling good or not is a choice many of us no longer are at liberty to make when it comes to our physical selves on any given day.The hard part for me has become the strain and drain my old bag of bones can place upon my spirit.

 …I do my level headed best to maintain a positive outlook and try to ignore the limitations I am forced to deal with.The problems seem to begin on days like today when a painful combination of elements have assembled to leave me physicaly hurting and drained of the necessary mental energy to battle the emotional strain my physcial being has placed upon the spirit that resides within.Frustrations tend to mount as in my weakened emotional state I lose the vision of my hopes and dreams.I find I just can’t seem to convince myself that real world economic challenges can somehow be surmounted allowing me some small ability to navigate the barriers that the harsh misstress of reality casualy tosses in the path of my tired and aching feet.

…I don’t want to sound like I am a bitter old fool,as I am not even though there are times I could be.Complaing of the injustices the world has foisted upon me is realy not my style.I like to stay upbeat and dream that a way will reveal itself,a path through the darkness and back into the light of having some small means,a measure of control over my life.These are the times that bring me before the magical keyboard,this brave new world of the internet where so many souls choose to travel.I reach out to my fellows from this my bully pulpit,but more importantly I reach inward from this hallowed place in my mind.

 …I travel the road of self discovery to the innermost chambers of my mind,heart and soul.Laying bare for intense examination the feelings and desires that are in residence there.The journey of self discovery helps to rejuvinate my emotional strength and revitalize that mysterious entity known as I.Somehow this journey,this sojourn to solace,as a friend once penned so many years ago,brings a large measure of relief to the physical self.Releasing the energy needed to once again erect the wall of defense against the realities that threaten my spirit.

 …”I will prevail” is a phrase often used by a lady in my life who has become very special to me.Once again demonstrating the power and strength wielded by the female gender of spiecies human.I try my best to emulate this attitude on these days when I just can’t seem to pull myself together.Bringing the power of my mind to bear in the fray I sometimes feel nearly overwhelming my spirit.Pounding on these magical keys,pouring out the thoughts and feelings that reside at the core of my being for those who happen by to partake of and regaurd or disregaurd as suits them.After all this is my blog,my place to let my fingers dance to the tunes that play within me.Sending these symbols of humanity out through the infernal machine to be loosed upon the unsuspecting passerby.The process brings to my being the needed relief from the pondreings of my life’s limitations and releases my resolve to be the best man I can be under the circumstances I am forced to live with.

 …….Peace To You My friends…………………………………

………..The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………

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3 Responses to A Journey To Peace

  1. Leslie Kavouakis says:

    I really love your stuff! It’s like the “Automatic Writing” of self examination.. I hope you read this stuff a few times after you publish so you can get “Bump” from it as your readers do. Leslie


    • thecatsman says:

      I read my stuff on a regular basis after I publish it,just to be sure it’s good reading and sometimes a particular theme likes to be visited more than once…..Thanks for stopping by!!


  2. Karla says:

    You NEED to write a book. I don’t know what I can say to encourage you more. Your particular brand of blogging has a flow to it that would attract many readers. Your freind “Lyme”, I am sure would help you with the more sensitive and compassionate passages. May the power to do so, be with you.


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