For The Ladies

All Ladies have a strength that seems to shine when needed,I for one man wish I could call up the kind of strength and resolve that women seem to come by naturaly,You girls are not only the fairer sex you are also the stronger of the genders.I’ll take all the heat any man wants to throw at me over that statement as I know it to be true.

…This is a comment I posted in response to a blog I read over on the dating site I subscibe to.After posting I read it over agaion as I tend to do and was struck by what I had said.A slow evolution of my thinking has been occuring since I landed on that site.I have befriended many diverse ladies and interact with them on a regular basis.The process has led me to an even deeper understanding of women than I’ve managed to gain throught most of my adult life.

…I was brought up to show respect to my elders and espicialy ladies.That is just part of who I am.The ladies I’ve befriended on the dating site,however have caused me to realize an even more profound respect for the female varity of species human.The determation and resolve shown by these women strikes right to my core.I have borne witness to the spirit that resides in these women,their strength of character and willingness to befriend and mentor others is nothing short of fantastic.

…The men of this mother earth would do well to remember they were born of woman.No matter how you look at it I just don’t see how it can be denied that the female human being is the stronger of the two genders.She might not be a man’s equal lifting weights,or in feats of physical strength but she will win hands down every time in a battle of wills or resolve.She will be the emotional rock that anchors the family,the first to pick up the pieces should tradgety strike and the last to bed at night as she cares for everyone else first.So this one is for the ladies of our humnble spiecies human.I salute you ,admire you and adore the beauty that you bring to this our mother earth.

………………..With Due Respect……………………………………………………………..

………………………………The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)

The following addition started as a comment to the version of this blog I posted on the dating site.This lady then wrote this blog and has graciously agreed to allow me to post it here.I give you the following .

This was written by Vivian Bedell……….

I learned from my Mother. Her abilities and stamina were unlimited when she was needed. I learned we must not fall apart until after we are no longer required to preform.

Thus our crying in the shower. Our tears are used to help cleans our face as well as our soul. This strength takes us from a carefree girl to the birth of our children and sometimes their death.

Our strength is ever there and holds us together. Having a man to love us is part of what makes it all worth while and we are happy, even if we shed a tear. Once again we cry in the shower as we morn his death.

Life, it is all about giving and receiving. Sometimes it is difficult to know which way the wind will blow tomorrow. Where we should stand to be in the sun. How much strength well we need to finish today.

I learned and I know, the things learned from my Mother have only repeated in my own life. She is ever with me. Another gift from my memories, stored in my memory box.

© vb

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5 Responses to For The Ladies

  1. Karla says:

    Thank you.


  2. Venus says:

    Thank you cats & viv. This is a lovely post.


  3. Two heart and soul felt writings from two beautiful souls.
    Thanks to both of you. I cherish both of your friendships, and I hope we meet in person one day. @};-


  4. chrysantha says:

    what a wonderful post! this has made my day! Thank you, and i will be tweeting this!


  5. chrysantha says:

    … and I must add that just the other day I told my friend that i love to turn to the shower when I need to deeply contemplate something.. for one it is the closest to swimming that I can get! lol.. but most importantly, there is a cleansing that happens as the water flows on the surface of my skin.. the tears from my eyes melt away with the rest and the sensation and sadness of crying aren’t felt….


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