Between The Lines

…I feel that now familiar twinge somewhere deep in the recesses of my oft befuddled mind.The tickling sensation that signals the approach of the wandering wordsmith.He is there, meandering within the chambers of my mind,sifting through the assorted ponderings and notions that are caught up in the cobwebs there.I wonder what he’ll find today,will it be something of relevant import,some silly fleeting notion running madly amock through the shadows or just another impatient blog waiting to be born.There are times that I realy don’t know what dance my fingers are about to perform on the stage that is my keyboard.

…The notions and thoughts are many today.There is no clear forerunner in the compition for escape from the confines of my mind.Dreams are evolving,thoughts are scartering and there is even a dose or two of fantasy all racing along the paths that will lead them to escape and hence the freedom of being pounded out and sent through the infernal machine to visit themselves upon the unsuspecting who may happen by.A seeming chaotic cloud drifting amoungest the cobwebs in those vast echoing chambers searching for the ray of light,the dawning of coherent thought to assemble a flowing disertation for delivery to the bully pulpit,the place from which escape becomes a reality.

…Sometimes I needs must wrestle the wandering wordsmith for control of my very own faculties.He demands to be heard,to set in motion the particular chain of events that will bring precious freedom to what he feels should be delivered on a given day.Perhaps,my concious mind objects,this subject is to personal,to near and dear to my heart or involves another member of spiecies human that I have no right or obligation to speak of or for.The great struggle is even now unfolding before my minds watchful eye.The wordsmith grappling with the gaurdian of self wanting to speak of hopes and dreams that have been birthed deep within my being.I feel the gaurdian weakening as I pound hesitantly upon these keys.Dreams,those tantilizing potential futures that I’ve imprisoned for so long,crying out for recognition,clamorimg for release from their long confinement, reinfocing the wandering wordsmith in his almost holy cause.

…The rough and tumble of harsh reality in recent years has pounded the shores of my daily world.I have been assulted by circumstance and happenstance, beaten back to the darkest recesses of my mind in a defiant act of self preservation.Lurking there,waiting,licking my wounds and healing my soul in preperation for the time that must come.The time of release from the darkness,when dreams will again form and be brought  before the heart to be nutured,cherished and healed of their hurt so they may rejoin the spirit of my being.There to become desires that simply will not be denied,lending strength to the simple man I am.Providing a powerful force to be unleashed with the unabashed goal of causing the harsh real world to  subvert  itself ,bowing to the humble human traveler who desires safe passage there.

…I shall take of the strength that is lent to me by my fellows.The community of spiecies human that I have been honered to travel with.The ones who show me love and kindness, giving of their own souls so that another may achieve his desires.For without the lendings of strength and the gift of unconditional love from our fellows how are we to find our way through the vastness of the universe.I know now that this is the driving force that causes so many of us to seek out that particular other.The ideal partner or soulmate,if you will.Another traveler to join forces with and dare to dream,to defy the harsh mistress known as reality,and cause the world to bend to their particular desires  finding the absolute joy that we humble humans are entitled to.Yes I shall dare to dream again,and perhaps I shall entertain a slight bit of fantasy while I’m at it,after all I’m only human……………..HELLOOOOOO  NURSE………

………………..I Am And Shall Remain……………………………………………………..

………………………….The catsman PhD (school of hard knocks)…………………..

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