The Question

…A question was posed this morning on the dating site where I maintain a membership despite the fact that I’ve met a most wonderful woman there.I have also made a number of great online friends and still blog and follow blogs on there also.The burning question for the day seems to be do we realy ever get to know someone despite possibly years spent together.A suddenly prolific answer was hurriedly pounded out and has now caused me to do some  pondering on the subject at hand,a not uncommon occurence as the wandering wordsmith is always ready to take over my fingers causing them to hammer away mindlessly on this magical keyboard.

…My answer to the question posed was that perhaps this all reverts back to we members of spiecies human getting to know ourselves well before we can extend that knowing or our own essence to fellow travelers.I realized that only in the past 10 or so years have I realy been getting well aquianted with the one known as I. Bits and pieces of the younger man I have been and even the lanky akward teenage boy before that have been comming to the surface and reassembling themselves with life expierences combining into the man of today.A man whom as I get to know him I am most pleased to say hello to each and every day.

…Needless to say this turn of events is most pleasing and has released my inner spirit presenting me with not only the desire but the willingness to share of my deepest thoughts and feelings on this the great white page.I have discovered  a desire that I held as a very young man has surfaced and now come to fruition with the pounding of these beloved keys. Releasing my particular brand of drivel for my fellows to read of and regaurd or disregaurd as they see fit.It does however cause me to wonder if we truely ever evolve into and know who we are destined to be before we reach an age and maturity level that allows for the necessary self examination.An examination that needs must be done with a blunt and potentialy brutal honesty that seems to only be availabe in our later years as we have been to busy looking outward  to make the inward journey that leads to self discovery.

…I have not the answers as to the cause of my own inward journey but I do know that I relish the oppertunity of evolving into a wiser more patient and loving individual then I have been in this,my life,so far.There is a renewed sense of joy in my soul that pours itself into my heart and opens my sometimes tired eyes to the possibilities on the road less traveled as it unfoldes before me.This new vision allowing me to see myself and my fellow worldly travelers in a previously unknown fashion has opened my mind,heart and soul to the wonders of this great mother earth and her precious cargo,the spiecies human, that she carries on her expectant way through the unfolding and often uncompromising universe.A vision I share here on the great white page for others to observe and ponder on as they see fit for themselves.

…These are the ponderings that have led me to my bully pulpit on this fine sunny day.Prolific pondering leading me to once again pontificate here before this wide world pannel of my fellows in the hopes of bringing forth thoughts and emotions that will maybe lead others to this inward journey.The road less traveled lies before each and every one of us.We have but to choose the beginning of a new life path now,or perhaps at a point yet to be determined.All must make the choice for themselves in the most selfish manner possible.For the inward journey is a road that needs must be embarked on alone with the hope of becomming the best you can be so that should love’s fortune find you your spirit will be ready to  know another as well as you know yourself. Perhaps this is where and when we shall find that elusive and seemingly indescribable other know only as …..soulmate.

…………..For Your Consideration………………………………………………………….

……………………..The catsman PhD (school of hard knocks)……………………….

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2 Responses to The Question

  1. Karla says:

    Rarely, if at all, is what you write “drivel”, it is thought provoking and insightful. As penned (by me) in the blogsphere, I don’t beleive we know anyone as well as we would like to, only a mind reader could really know the thoughts and true feelings of another person.


  2. So well written Kris. I went through a very abusive marriage and took a journey to that deep dark black hole that muttmomma writes about. When I came back out of the hole, and I give God all the thanks and praise for that, I slowly became a different person. The person that I use to be, the person that God wants me to be. Yes dear Kris I can relate so closely to your blog, and DH has been so enlightening for me. Keep up the good blogs, they are good soul food.


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