If I Could Only…………….

…If there was one thing in your past that you could change what would it be? If only I could go back and do that over.I wish I had gone on to college.What if…Why didn’t I….If I had my life to live over again…These are all statements that begin the downward spiral into the most wasteful two words that I can think of….I regret.
…The subject comes up often throughout our humble human lives.We often find ourselves having said or done something that we wish we hadn’t,be it right away, many years later,or at some point inbetween.Some will say, ah regrets we all have them and there is nothing to be done about it.What an incredible waste of energy this is for we the spiecies human.I wonder how many homes that much energy would heat this upcomming winter way up here in central Wisconsin.In my humble opinion likely a staggering number.
…Is it simply human nature that causes us to have regrets? A burden to be born by the entire human race due to the “imperfect” nature of our creation,or evolution whichever theory you choose to embrace.With regaurds we regret to inform you that since you are simply human you must accept and live with regrets.Destiny,fate,ordained by a higher power you will always at some point in the span of your fitful little liftime regret something,ending up with a burning desire to sprint back through time to “fix” the incident thereby acheving nivana in your present life.
…With regaurds I regret to inform you that this is simply not possible.I make the statment only so you can see how fruitless it is to waste your life energies on regrets.We all know that going back in time is impossible so why bother with regretting any event from your past no matter how hurtful,or embarassing it may have been.Did you make amends,learn from or just move on from said expierence,continuing on with your life perhaps a little wiser than before,or will you choose to forever wonder what your life “could” have been like IF ONLY.
…I wish to leave you with this thought today my friends: I can’t change the past it’s already been and gone,I can’t live in the future because it has yet to be written or if preordained has yet to be lived.I can only live in the now as I am simply a humble human,so I shan’t worry about the future and I can do nothing to change the past I shall live my now to the best of my human abilities so that when tomorrow comes I have……… NO REGRETS.

……I Am And Shall Remain………………………

………..The Catsman PhD(school of hard kbnocks)…..

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One Response to If I Could Only…………….

  1. greenlasagna says:

    You need to read my blog post…seriously. I’m done regretting things.




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