My Claim To Fame (It’s not much but it’s mine)

…There was a time,I can’t say I remember it well because I don’t. If you came through the late sixties and the seventies you know what I mean.My wonder years,I wonder how I ever got through them.There is,however one evening I remember very well.
…It was somewhere in the late seventies,I was fresh out of high school wandering and wondering where my life was leading me to.I was about to embark on a little journey that would stay with me forever.Of all the things that I expierenced back then this particular night has remained the most profound.
…My path on this summers evening was to lead me to a performance by none other than the late,great Harry Chapin.I arrived at the small fieldhouse in Stevens Point Wisconsin a little later than I had anticipated. Surveying the already crowded venue I realized I would be relegated to a seat in the upper reaches of the fieldhouse.I eventualy took a seat looking down on the stage and the back stage area.
..As I surveyed the scene eagerly waiting for the show to start I noticed a gathering of the performers in a small room below me serving as a prestage area. Well this small town boy found himself looking down on the great man himself. There directly below me were Harry Chapin,his brothers and the rest of the band.At about the same time I was realizing this I smelled a familiar sticky sweet odor wafting up to my ,now very alert nsotrils. It seems that Harry and the boys had decided to pass around a couple of,well I’m sure you know what it was they were passing.
…After getting over my shock at what I was bearing witness to I went right to the railing of the balconey and took in a deep couple of lungsful of that wounderful cloud of smoke rising right up to me.It wasn’t long before one of the fellows below me took notice of the funny looking teenager enjoing their pre show induldgence.Laughing he pointed me out to his mates and they all smiled and waved as they made sure I got the full benifit of their particular brand of secondhand smoke.
…The magic moments soon came to a close and Harry and the boys went on to putting on a most memorable performance.Every so often sending a smile or wave up to the small town boy who would carry the memory on to share with the childern he did not yet have.All of my kids (adults in their own right) know the story of how their dad got high with Harry Chapin and company that night.They all also became fans of his legacy.We can all tell you who wrote the original Cats In The Cradle, and we most certainly know what happened to the 30,000 pounds of bananas.
…So there lies my only claim to fame.I realize it may not be much to some, but to my childern and I it’s a family legacy………..

……………….I Am And Shall Remain………………………………………………………

……………………………The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………….

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2 Responses to My Claim To Fame (It’s not much but it’s mine)

  1. JennyAnn says:

    My brother was here first and a man of few words but this is big sis and I am chatty Kathy for sure and the Burning question that some pose and I think I was one of them WHY are couples still on site? And you told me that when you two were together things would be better for you both and””””” Do we ever really know anyone ??? the answer is No”””” as we all Take three secrets to the grave, Now for your Gift Your written word “””” I see great things in store for you and maybe even a stage play? Ponder? Your pal, jennyann


  2. Linda aka Miss Mutt says:

    Ah, Cats muh man, you know I love this one!


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