I Is Special

…The cold damp mist had settled on the earth.Clouds of wispy vapor rolling through the sky.World always turning,spins to meet the day.Sunshines rays awaken the damp and weary dawn.Sleep has been elusive my mind awakes to fog.The great white page is calling me,drawing me to it’s light.I settle at the keyboard and then begin to write.
…Words they want to struggle,the phrases they won’t turn.The one thing that I know today is the fire inside me burns.Perhaps the fog is lifting as the words begin to flow,phrases tumbling out from me leading where I do not know.There is no sense of urgency to put words upon the page,an ease of mind has settled upon this lowly sage.Shall I rise upon the stairway that leads to places known,or should I take the path less traveled that leads to the unkonwn.
…I have no real desire to pontificate today,upon the page before me the words just want to play.My thoughts are freely flowing,my fingers striking keys,there’s a touch of something I’ve not known settling down in me.My heart as light as air,my soul it is at peace.I have no need to worry,or struggle on this day.A feelings come upon me and I know that it will stay.I’ll be trusting in my heart now and it will not go astray,the sense of something wonderful begins with this new day.
…The spinning of this tale will lead me to it’s end,phrases turned out and words that now I count as friends.The beauty lies before me upon the written page,I hope that you can see it,say I the lowly sage.

……I Am And Shall Remain………………………
……….The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……

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