The World Serious

…I usualy take my blogging  pretty seriously.Today however I have undertaken a new mission.My travels over on the dating site today have led me to notice people being all serious and just not seeming to have much fun.This is a situation I simply cannot abide.Therefore I have written two very silly blogs for the sole purpose of getting my friends in that particular micro universe to stop taking life so seriously,at lesat for today.

…Life is a mixed bag of emotions and happenings at best on any give day.Some days I just can’t stand it any more and have to let loose with something so totaly off the wall that the silly side of those who partake of my particular brand of drivel have to laugh in spite of themselves.This to me is a sacred trust and a power that must be excerised on a regular basis lest the dark and serious side of spicies human overshadow the lighter,let’s have a good laugh at ourselves,side of being human.Don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place for everything that composes the wonderous world in which we live and the darker more serious side is necessary so that we can appreciate the lighter side when it happens along.

…So today when my fellows stop by my blog on ye ole dating site  the first title they’ll see is A Matter Of Dire Import,next in line is The Sex Blog.a title that is sure to catch and imprison the eyes of any who happen by.I have also been sending numerous emails to certain friends to be sure to attract the largest number of people possible to participate in today’s particular brand of silliness.I take a large measure of pride in exercising the power of my silly side,as I do so love to see the diverse and always entertaining comments that get posted on my dating site blogs.

…..Happy Halloween To One And All……………………………………………………..

………………..The Catsman PhD (school of hard [sometimes silly] knocks)……..

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One Response to The World Serious

  1. WOW cat you always seem to know what to say,I think everyone is a little down today,so what can we do to liven it up around here?


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