Pounding The Keys

…My fingers fat and my mind befuddled I sit before the magical keyboard filled with the symbols of humanity.Elusive sleep has left the building and my body protests at rising at such an hour.My old pal Lyme is here for me this morning.Properly kicking my body around like a soccer ball at a world cup match.Coffee poured in and smoke inhaled I needs must distract my mind from the condition of my old bag of bones.
…I have found before that pounding on these keys with the symbols of our collective knowledge embossed upon them seems to help disconnect the befuddled mind from the protesting body.Taking off to places previously unknown to my clouded mind.A magical tour through the early morning fog that occupies the chambers of my mind,guided only by the flights of fancy that the wandering wordsmith cares to follow.Paying tribute to the great white page that glares with mocking sarcasim before my puffy early morning eyes.
…The sun has yet to breech the horizen,chill still in the breezes of the night that gently chase the running leaves upon the ground.The quiet magic of the night tides passing still hovering over the expectant mother we call earth.What wonders will she bring upon her rising,the early morning sun.The breaking of dawn to chase away the tides of the weary night.Refreshing our mother earth and our simple souls to face another day to yet be written.
…Wrapped with the shortcommings of my physical self my heart anticipates with joy the dawning of this new day.She brings to mother earth and spicies human the dawn of hope and yearning.A golden dawn of oppertunity to write yet another chapter of our lives filled with the verse that sings out from our hearts and souls.Embrace this fresh oppertunity to write the story of your life. Bring your energies to the fore and paint a beautiful self portrait on the canvas of your day.Call forth  the humanity of you heart and soul and let them bring to your story the rising sun of your inner human beauty and joy of self to visit upon your fellows.

………..I Am And Shall Remain…………………..

……………The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)..

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