The Tides Of Night

…Once again I find myself here in this place,in front of the infernal machine that has become a part of my daily life.A wondreously magical kind of place where my wandering thoughts take on a physical form as words upon the page.I often marvel at the ease with which I express myself here.Pouring out my innermost thoughts and mixing them with the emotions and feelings that combine into the person that I am.Then to deliver them to the page as the words that will communicate to my fellow travelers on this world.
…The creature human,a marvel of evolution or creation of God or both,I surely am not qualified to say.All I know for certain is I am life,concious and aware of a self,an individual who craves the companionship and comfort of others of my kin.This place,this wonderously almost magical microcosm of the universe that I reach out to from these symbol laden keys is where I find those comforts today.I observe the writings and interactions of my fellows and feel their nearness of spirit as my fingers glide across the keyboard.Marveling all the while as I observe the tides of humanity rise and fall,the sharing of emotion and thought btreaking upon the shores of our lives,licking at the ever shifting sands that mark the passing of our time here on this earth.
…The tides forever ebbing and flowing, the sands of our being always changing,some to remain,and some to flow out to the sea with the retreating waves.What the tides have taken from me may never return,but in their stead a fresh layer has been left on the shorline of my soul.There are no footprints in those sands until I rise and walk upon the shores of today.I will leave my mark upon the sands of today and when the tide rolls in again those footprints will be washed away leaving me a fresh place to start my tomorrow.
…A moment in time,my life cannot unfold any faster.Sometimes seeming to pass me by at a blinding pace,yet at others slower than I may wish.Time travels at it’s own pace,unknowing and never caring what it leaves in it’s wake.What you make of you time and today’s sands upon the shores of your soul is up to you.You hold in your hand the power to write upon the sand,to choose to live your day as you will.Remember this my friends,the choices of today are up to you and when your day is done I hope you will be at peace in your soul.Satisfied that when the tide of night rolls in and washes your day back out to sea you can look in the mirror and be happy with the one you know as me.

…..I Am And Shall Remain……………………….

……….The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…..

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9 Responses to The Tides Of Night

  1. Vivian says:

    Thank You Cats!

    I learned from my Mother. Her abilities and stamina were unlimited when she was needed. I learned we must not fall apart until after we are no longer required to preform.

    Thus our crying in the shower. Our tears are used to help cleans our face as well as our soul. This strength takes us from a carefree girl to the birth of our children and sometimes their death.

    Our strength is ever there and holds us together. Having a man to love us is part of what makes it all worth while and we are happy, even if we shed a tear. Once again we cry in the shower as we morn his death.


  2. JennyAnn says:

    You are, inded, a good writer.


  3. JennyAnn says:

    It is beginning to flow from the heart and I enjoy your works and your words.


  4. JennyAnn says:

    How lovely a freaky friday with all its glory?


  5. JennyAnn says:

    How much time are you giving to this site?


  6. JennyAnn says:

    LOL yes, yes, yes ,u are a hoot mr cat.


  7. JennyAnn says:

    Are you Happy ?


  8. JennyAnn says:

    This guy like me a lot and I have never met him but hey I just might


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