…I feel the presence of the audience as they gather,The sounds of rustling,the mumbled apoligies and the sounds of anticipation as they settle into the places apointed.They come from places far and near,from all walks of life,for reasons known only unto themselves they have gathered in this place at this time to listen.To observe as the curtain is drawn,the bully pulpit standing alone in the stark white spotlight.
…I wait in the wings of my mind.Gathering thoughts that suddenly have become elusive.Disjointed ramblings of pharses running away from me,laughing in the distance as they flee.Too late I realize that I have no clue what I want to say,what wonderous oddesy can I spin form the empty chambers of my now befuddled mind.Will this be the day that my words fail me,no turn of phrase or clever thoughts to send on their way.The cold sweat of fear is settling around my heart.
…The announcement has been made and the curtain is being drawn,my feet automaticaly taking my body forward.My heart now pounding,sweat breaking on my brow, my body asscendes the stage,it is there that my fears will be realized.The bully pulpit awaits in mocking anticipation,spotlight glaring,unforgiving in it’s bold determination to expose me.Perhaps,I think to myself,ther are some scraps of thought hiding there.Leftovers from better days spent pontificating from the great oak podium.
…Hope begins to replace the fear that has held my heart in it’s icy grip.Gone is the chill that was theartening to overwhelm the chambers of my mind.There before me the bully pulpit,the place where I find peace,strange as it may seem. To be there behind the mighty oak podium,in front of the people who have graciously come to be in attendence is where my spirit finds peace.The inexplicable feeling I get as words flow from my mind to reach out to the world around me.
…The desire within overtakes any fear.The burning need to be heard,to be accepted and understood by my fellow travelers of the universe.These are the moments I strive for,to bring with me to the pulpit a unique point of view that I so love to share with others.To take unto themselves and regaurd or disregaurd as they see fit to do.The power to speak freely from the heart and soul is not one we all share.Our natural fears often prevent us from uttering the words that would tell another how we truely feel.I despair of the oppertunities missed because the words were seemingly stuck inside me.
…My pontificating will now of necessity come to a close.I shall humbly bow to those who would give of themselves to hear the words that I would say.May all your souls be blessed and your hearts set free.Do not forget my friends to give of yourself to others,for by sharing our individual humaness we shall enrich all who travel through our lives.By freely giving of your love you will find the love that is even now seeking to enter your soul.

…………………….The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………………

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One Response to Ramblings

  1. Dith says:

    Hello Catsman,

    Have come here via blog to blog links. Just wanted to encourage you on your journey. I cannot say what the future holds, but I can tell that you are a DHB (Decent Human Being) and I wish you every blessing.



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