Monday Most Profound

..As I rub the gravel from my eyes in the predawn light I wonder what has brought me out of my restless slumber on this to early morning.To sleep perchance to dream is a little line I recall from somewhere in my journey through this life. I have no idea where I picked up on it so I thought I’d put in down here for a while.These to early mornings  bring the wordsmith that wanders the echoing chambers of my mind out to play.

…He is fully aware of how little resistance I have in the early morning light.Before the logical mind has a chance to stir the wordsmith attempts his take over of the fingers and processes and begins spewing out whatever particular brand of drivel he see’s fit to espouse. controlling the dancing fingers that don’t seem responsive to any thought the rational mind attempts to impose.

…These are the times when I have no clue what will end up being pounded upon the great white page.Will I show as poet or just the lowly sage.A rrhyme drops in to play as the rhythm of the fingers pounds the tempo for the day. Does this crazy man have anything to say,or is he just leading us to wonderland or totally astray? I sit before the infernal machine and stab at the symbols of humanity in the hopes of hanging together the words and phrases that I so love in a fashion that pleases the minds eye of the sometimes unfortunate passerby………..We’re having technical difficulties please stand by…………

….Bladder now relieved,coffee cup refilled.the smoke has turned to ash and addictions are fulfilled.Where oh where is the silly wordsmith going with this early morning prose.I’m afraid the simple answer is that only he would know. No profound thought has visited my brain,and the heavy clouds outside bring an early morning rain.In my mind I see a message,a message most profound,but damn the dancing fingers they just pound and pound.The logical mind screams out to the early morning light but that dirty wandering wordsmith he sends it off in fright.I scratch my head in wonder there are no thoughts profound,I hunt and peck till my mind’s a wreck but it is to no avail,it seems the wandering wordsmith is being held now without bail…………………

…The moral of the story is …..Don’t take the world serious…..

……………………………..The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………..

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2 Responses to Monday Most Profound

  1. Karla says:

    Even when you have nothing to say, you say it so well, LOL.


  2. Barb says:

    “To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub.”

    From Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and so very appropriate!


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