The Wandering Wordsmith

…The sun is sliding slowly up over the frosty horizen.Fall has come to those of us who travel through the universe on this private island we call earth.The pumpkins ripen in the patch and the leaves turn to shades of yellow,orange and crimson before the chilly breezes send them tumbling to the frost covered ground.Echoes of childern at play seem louder in the now chilling air,crunching leaves undrefoot as we walk down the paths of our lives.How many fall days and nights have you seen my friends,have they been filled with joy at the wonders unfolding before your eyes,or the dreaded anticipation of the winter soon to arrive.

…These are the thoughts of this lowly sage as I mount the steps that lead to my beloved bully pulpit.The bare beginings of some notions,vauge ideas and stubbornly assembling words that swirl through the cilly fog that sometimes occupies  the chambers of my mind. Letters forming words that dance through my mind like the colorful leaves of fall swirling to the frosty ground. What shall become of my words on this early morning,will they combine into coherent thoughts to be delivered from the bully pulpit to those assembled in the places appointed,or will they fall unheard to be crunched underfoot on the cold hardened ground.

…Such are the meanderings of the wordsmith that resides in my mind.He wanders amoung the wonders that make up the “me” of this moment in time.I try to follow,to pursue this wandering soul and extract from his wanderings the words and sentences that when properly combined form something of cohesive substance to feed the great white page.Will there be a message most profound,or a bunch of disjointed thoughts rambling through the sometimes clouded chambers of my mind,the answer today is not very clear.I seem to have come to my place on this virtual stage simply with  the notion of assembling words just for the joy of so doing.The turn of a phrase,a colorful combination of the letters of humanity esposed from the chambers of my  mind to dance before the eyes of my fellows in an attempt to captivate momentairly their spirit,unlocking imagination and maybe even fantasy.

…This seems to be my mission on this early morn of the chilly fall.Releasing the words and phrases of our collective humanity to dance amoung my fellows in an attempt at unlocking the spirit that lies within each and every one of the human travelers on this wonderous earth.Let your thoughts be colorful like the leaves on the trees that our mother earth nutures for us.Set your spirit free to dance amoung the chilly breezes as they provide gentle passage for the leaves of fall to swirl gracefuly to the frosty ground.Look within and without of yourself to find the beauty of the life forces that will be found there.Crunch your troubles underfoot if only for a short while as you walk amoung  the paths of the wandering wordsmith of my humble mind.

…Bask in the glory of your human beauty,let the sunshine of your heart burst forth carring with it the love of your soul to the places and spaces occupied by your fellows of spiecies human.Accept from those around what they would share of themselves on this glourious day and lend to them the colors of your mind to bring forth the wonders that can be found in the dawning of this crisp and wonderous day.Celebrate yourself and share your heart with others,loose upon the world the joy that resides within.Reap the rewards of being a charter member of this very special club known as spicies human.

…………………….Peace To You My Friends……………………………………………..

………………………………The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………….

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