A Matter Of Import

…So what will the next trip to the well of my silly old mind bring? Sometimes you just never know where the wandering wordsmith will end up.A serious disertation from the bully pulpit,or just a light hearted romp through the slightly bent out of shape chambers of my mind.The places where grow the cobwebs of my thought.Sometimes when the dust gets disturbed strange associations and combinations of the words that are my tools spring out of the dismalily lit corners and dance around teasing the wordsmith without mercy.
…Sooner or later the wordsmith will take to his familiar position and start striking keys as if driven by an unseen force.These trips along the strange tangents of my mind can result in something wonderous or maybe a thing to wonder at.Leaving the poor unfortunate on the other end of the cyberlink scratching their head and wondering how they ended up in my personal version of wonderland.
…I imagine the poor unfortunate doggedly reading on in the hopes of finding some form of order,a cohesive assembledge of the words that are my tools to interput as a thing resembling sense.Will there be a meaning to the nonsensicle ramblings of a seeming madman? There of course is only one way to ascertain the answer to this question of dire import to those who would ponder what exactly is the old cat up to now,and that,of course,is to continue down the path through my particulat wonderland while I tease and tantilize you with the possibility of escape therefrom.
…Now that I am imensely pleased with myself for brining you to this place I will finaly get to the point of this lenghty disertation that has brought you here to the mixed up nonsensical place amoung the cobwebs of my mind.The point of this frolicing romp around the chambers of my mind is one I make with relish and great conviction.The necessary hour has passed and the cat is getting restless,it is now time for me to get my dinner out of the oven and sit to dine with my old friend Three Fang himself.

Hope you enjoyed the trip………………………..

….Sincerly yours………………………………

The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………….

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