The Dressing Room

…It’s momentairly quiet here at the Palace.That time of day just before the childern awaken and the pets begin to stir. The first pot of coffee is nearly gone and my mind is wanting to release the pent up thoughts that have been echoing through it’s foggy chambers. There is no cohieisive pattern to these thoughts, just a knowing,a notion and a desire to put stiff fingers to work upon the magical keyboard that carries my notions and thoughts out into the micro universe that  awaits.

…In the chill fog of my minds eye I see a place. Not the stage where upon the bully pulpit awaits. Rather a dressing room,if you will,that place where  the wandering wordsmith goes to prepare for his latest disertation on the subject at hand. There is no real clear path to follow on this chilly October morn,just that burning desire to pound on the symbols of humanity in the hopes of delivering something of relevant import.

…I look in the dressing room mirror and see the man that returns my gaze. Looking questioningly into my minds eye,wondering what tangent the wandering wordsmith will merrily chase today. As we gaze into each others eyes a notion begins to stir. I feel the swirling mist of thought preparing to depart the chambers and be delivered to the mind heart and soul where the team will assemble thought to word and word to phrase to be pounded out by the fingers that do not wish  to awaken on this day.

… Dreams have been returning to the vastness that is my mind. It’s been a very long time since I’ve dared to dream as the practical world has not been kind to this man in recent years. I have not lost hope or become mired in a depressed state,I simply have not held any dreams up to my heart. The often cruel and harsh real world weighing down my spirit,my heart becomming jaded and the window to my soul clouded. A sad but necessary arrangement of affairs to defend the being at the core of what I have always known as me. Reality can be a harsh mistress and I have defended myself from her sometimes cruel ways.

…It has been a long time since I’ve held up some dreams for my heart to see,but the time has arrived to release that which is me and bring again those dreams to the fore. There they will be examined and pondered,held up to the light to release thier magic to my being. The time of necessary hibernation has past and I now willl my heart mind and soul to return to the wakeful state taking up those dreams and begining the pursuit thereof.

…Such is the human condition at times. We of needs retreat to that dressing room in our minds. To rest,perhaps,or maybe take a break from the harsh mistress of reality. Take care if you need to go there my friends. For it would be easy indeed to get lost in the house of mirrors thar awaits with anticipation of holding you prisoner within yourself. Gaze into the mirrors and see that which makes you human. Take some time to heal your heart and soul and then return to the company of your fellows a stronger person for having taken the path that lead you there.

…Let your dreams return to help you battle that which would bring you down. Bring back to your heart the child’s joy of dreaming  how wonderful your life could be. I shall leave you with a quote today,I don’t recall where it’s from but it’s a fitting end to today’s wandering tendrils of thought so earnestly pounded to the keys. …..”Dreams can come true,it can happen to you if you’re young at heart.”

………………Peace To You My Friends……………………………………………………

…………………………The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………….

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2 Responses to The Dressing Room

  1. The September Sibling says:

    Nearly three days I have pondered…and attempted to close my gaping jaw.
    Understand the education, but from whence has this linguistic elegance sprung???
    That does not matter…

    It is pure soul…simple, vivid, spellbinding… an existential music that no longer will be contained or controlled.

    There is no choice, this must continue.


  2. Karla says:

    And I hope it shall continue, I enjoy it.


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