Staurday Morning Silliness (You Have Been Warned)

…Well here we are,Saturday at last. I’ve been reading and pondering all week long. There were some realy great blogs out there this week. Thoughtful,insightful,articulate  and well just plain awsome.It’s been a long and interesting week and the old catsman is not up to writing an interesting blog,so I’m just going to tell a silly story instead.

…A night or so ago a June bug decided to pay us a visit here at my daughters house. It didn’t take long for old man cat to discover said June bug.Well he had not seen such an oppertunity for quite some time and decided to move in for the kill.Now mind you this old black cat fancies himself as quite the hunter/killer.However the sad truth is old three fang is quite the hunter but comes up a little short in the killing department,having been a housecat all his life.

…So after capturing his prey he procedes to bat at it,bite it to death and finaly attempt to swallow it whole.But alas old three fang comes up short of his goal. Now, however he has drawn the attention of the other two resident cats and (lord help us) the 8 year old grandaughter. Well this is more than the precious girl can take. She swoops into the fray,scoops up the poor sufering June bug and heads for the door.

…Our young saviour throws open the door and sets the misguided insect free.This should be where the story ends but this would my (directly descended from my BLONDE self) grandaughter.In her quest to right this incredible wrong and save the underprivldged bug she has left the door wide open.Quietly a black shadow slips into the night.A short time later the resident humans discover the open door and after a hasty inventory realize there is a cat missing.

…After a frantic search said cat is found lurking in a nearby hedge.He procedes to make the humans look very silly chasing him around for 10 minutes or so then procedes to the door and demands to be let inside. So all was well and the world started to turn again,but left me with a pause in my thoughts. The cat having tasted freedom and adventure spent the rest of the night loudly expressing his desire for more. So this had me wondering,will I end up like my cat? Escaping into the night, to find freedom and adventure with a wonderful woman only having to return to my sad reality. Finding myself craving the scent of a woman,clawing at the door and howling into the night,protesting my lonliness and dreaming of escape.

And So I Remain…………….The CATS MAN………………………………………….

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2 Responses to Staurday Morning Silliness (You Have Been Warned)

  1. thecatsman says:

    This particular story is one I have brought over from the dating site. It was first penned back in June of this year and is presented here in it’s original form.I hope all who honer me with the reading thereof enjoy this very silly misadventure of Sir Twinky,the black cat.aka Old Three Fang……


  2. Karla says:

    I enjoyed the adventure of ‘ol three fang, brought many fond memories to mind of my little munchkin.


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