The Passage Within

…The day began very early,feet tripping across the floor,hands blindly reaching for the cup to contain the desperately needed coffee.A befuddled fog occuping the chambers of my mind.Incoherent waves of wayward thought floating in a misty haze.The needs of addiction outweighing any possible rational thinking.A smoke and a cup of cafine ladden coffee the only desires at the fore.

…As the grey light of a chill October’s day begins to dawn and the cafine begins to work it’s magic the mind begins wandering  to thoughts of what this new day may bring.What perhaps profound revalation will come driving through the misty chambers of the mind to be poured out and pounded to the magical keys embossed with the symbols of humanity.Or will there bo no revelation at all,maybe just another of the crazy little trips of the wandering wordsmith.

…I feel the journey begining,entering by the stage door to wait in the wings thereof.Some days it amazes me how I have come to love this place.A place in my mind where I go to prepare for the pontification that will burst forth as the wandering wordsmith collects the scattered and tattered thoughts  trapped in the cobwebs of my mind. Kniting and weaving the tendrils into the patterns that become the message to be brought to and delivered from the bully pulpit that awaits me.

…My senses tingling with anticipation,I hear the rustling and bustling of those who would attend to partake of my particular brand of drivel.They come to the auditorium of my mind,taking to their places appointed before the bully pulpit from where I shall attempt to entice them into visiting some small piece of my world.I attempt to weave a tapestry,a colorful primrose path for them to follow.Leading them,if only for a short while to visions other than the cold stark chill of this october’s day.

…To take the journey into the depths of your mind can set you free.When you follow the paths that lead to the chambers of your mind you can release your herat and soul and the deep seated feelings confined therein. Providing your spirit with a vehicle to bring a new dawn to the one you refer to as “I”. Releasing the positive flow of energies that propel you onward through your life’s journey on this mother earth.Take the time to ponder my friends.For by traveling the paths less followed to the inner workings of your own mind you may find there the key to set you free.Feeding the positive powers of the universe to your soul so that your heart may sing with joy. Will you choose the inner journey my friends?

…………………..For Your Consideration………………………………………………….

……………………………..The Catsman PhD (school of hard knocks)……………….

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