…Services held and the wake begun,I slipped out the back door of my old neighborhood tavern shortly after I had arrived.This friend’s passing has weighed on my mind.He was a fine example of what it realy means to be numbered amoung those of spiecies human.A man who put family first but also managed to help and teach any who  simply had to ask.A large man with a larger heart truely spun from gold Tony will be missed by many.

…As I left the gathering of souls to celebrate Tony’s life I realized that once again I have passed a milestone in my own.There is no ponderous pontificating within me today,no frolicking through the sometimes bent out of shape chambers of my mind.I step to my bully pulpit today with a different frame of mind.

…I realized today that a great man has left the confines of God’s good earth.His greatness measured in how he treated his fellows.Kindness and generousity to all with a deep rooted passionate love for those whom he called friend,myself being numbered amoungest them.I firmly believe that this man was called to soon at only 48 years.Perhaps that is the lesson I shall ponder on now.

…My friend being called at such a young age will serve as a reminder.Perhaps to remember to treat our fellows with kindness and compassion.Remembering to show the love we feel for those who would grace our lives by being a part of them.The beauty of his soul will shine on another plane now,but I shall try in my humble way to honor his memeory each day for the rest of my own life.Remember, be sure to show your feelings for those who touch you life,for you never know when you or they will be called to become a shining star in the heavens.

………..Peace To All Who Pass This Way………………………………………………….

……………………..The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………………..

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3 Responses to Passages

  1. Karla says:

    Loosing a freind leaves big holes in our hearts that cannot be filled with other joinings of the mind, as each is unique in their own right….my condolences.


  2. Meow says:


    When I checked my e-mail this AM a link to this site was waiting in a message from Wedge. As I was skimming through the entries it very slowly dawned on me who the author was. Chris, Chris, Chris where have you been hiding this talent??? Had I randomly come accross this I would have assumed it to be by an accomplished writer/poet. Yes some of it is poetry!!! There is no doubt that you must travel down this road. I am amazed and delighted.

    Meow…one of the sisters.


  3. Cathy says:


    So glad you had Tom fwd your blog site. Engaging and beautiful – you have inherited Mother’s gift as a wordsmith.

    Made my cry and smile. A beautiful tribute to a friend. Memories of family & home – glad you have the toolchest – a link to Dad. And wonderful to hear of your girlfriend Kathy (not because her name is mine but spelt “funny”) A lovely lady not the least I’m sure because she encourages you in this literary pursuit.

    Now will have to learn how blog works – work on a computer all day playing with numbers but not au fait with “the blog” etc – angsted over how to comment! Ah google is wonderful.

    Hoo Roo from DownUnder Cathy


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