Notions Of Fall

…There is a spirit in my mind.I call this spirit the wandering wordsmith.He travles through the dusty chambers of my mind,collecting,arranging and projecting the scattered and tattered thoughts and notions that collect in the cobwebs there.He then assembles the bits and pieces into coherent thoughts that pour out through the heart and soul,to the fingers that pound on the symbols of humanity.Symbols become words and words turn to phrases that all assemble and are delivered to the magical keyboard  to journey through the cyberlink to those who would honor me with the reading thereof.

…The wordsmith has been collecting on this mid October’s day.Sounds in the distance triggering notions and fleeting thoughts wanting to escape the confines of my mind.A chainsaw growling in the distance,the swiriling winds blowing the fallen leaves into random piles to be changed and rearranged in natures random fashion.Sure signs of the fall season preparing mother earth for winter’s return.Fall has not been so colorful as sometimes this year.Leaves seeming to turn from green  to brown and tumbling to the ground in colorless contempt.Green grasses slumping tanishly,retreating from summer’s spurts of growth.The winter will soon be upon us once again.

…What thoughts will enter your soul when winter comes storming along?Will you close in upon youself like fleeting flowers from a midsummer’s dream not to be joyous again till spring? The colors of spring and summer all but forgotten with the return of winter’s harsh realities.Stark black and white replacing  joyous  rose colored feelings of springtime. When hope had been renewed with anticipation of summer loves  to be embraced and played out on the greatest stage of all.Shall your thoughts be chilled by the grey rolling clouds of winter or will you choose to light a fire within to keep your soul warmed and content.

…The choice is your’s to make my fellow members of spiecies human.For as nature uses the chill grip of winter to heal and prepare the earth for spring you can use the fire in your soul.Keep the fire burning bright sending warmth to your heart and those of your fellows.For as surely as winter’s grip relaeses nature’s earth to the renewal of spring spreading the fires of love from your soul will renew your spirit of  humanity.

…….For your consideration…………………………………………………………………

…………..The Catsnan PhD (school of hard kncks)…………………………………….

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3 Responses to Notions Of Fall

  1. mary says:

    Cats this is just wonderful,may your heart always be filled with love ,joy and a bright warm fire


  2. Karla says:

    As always, the words flow from your fingers in a way that is almost musical, descriptions bring a clear sharp picture of what they intented to convey. Great job my freind.


  3. LaunaKae aka pretty moon says:

    Cats I am so glad you found this site to have your words for all to see. I hope this remains for a long time…..
    I am blessed to know you…………..


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