The Adventure begins

…It was a warm summers evening as I took my place before the infinately unfamiliar keyboard.Little did I know at the time that said keyboard was about to open a previously unknown world to my minds eye.The future that was about to unfold now a reality and I write this with 20/20 hindsight.No matter, it’s realy quite a remarkable story of how a lonely 50 year old man found everything except what he thought he was looking for,because what he thought he was looking for eventualy found him.

…Having been educated in the bare bones basics of computer operations  I had established an e mail account and started exploring the internet.I decided to hunt down some free dating sites as I had a notion that maybe I could at least find some people my own age to socialize with.After much trial and error I managed to actualy regester on a quality site.This was all totaly new to this old dude and it took some time before I learned to find my way around the site and to be able to return there whenever I wanted.I realize this may sound very silly to some but I honestly had no expierence whatsoever on the computer.

…After a while I became reasonably adept at bouncing around the site  and soon discovered the blogging feature.At first this was just another vehicle for meeting people from all walks of life and establishing a few internet friendships.However as time passed and expierence was gained I discovered that writing a blog could be a rewarding expierence.I began tenativly writing a few and commenting more often on others.Before I knew it I was adding people to my friends list on a regular basis and together we formed what we now refer to as the blogsphere.This is a large group of folks that read,write and comment on blogs  almost every day.

…I began to realize that although I had been pondering the possibility of  meeting a woman to befriend in the real world I was more than content with what I refer to as the micro universe of the internet dating world.Meeting and getting to know new people and reading and more so writing blogs became a daily passion.Many subjects were brought to the fore and discussed at length amoung many of the regular participants.Mostly subjects directly related to the point of the site, that of course being finding a person to date.I began to notice that the harder people seemed to try the further away their chances of success seemed to slip. Pondering all this new found data led me to an interesting conclusion.

…I had been writing my own blogs for a while and my particular style seemed to be pleasing to a lot of the regulars on the site.Realizing that all the effort I was putting into the theory of finding a gal to date  was wasted energy I devised a new stratagy. Putting thought to fingers and fingers to keyboard I wrote a brisk blog outlining my new approach to the internet dating world.In short I quit looking,done,over and never to return to the search.If a woman happened by that found me interesting, I decreed why then she could just find me.

…Energy now freed from chasing women on the net I became a prolific blogger. The more I wrote the better reception I got from the readers. To this day I continue to turn a phrase or two and send some fancy words out for the approval of my fellows. I have had a lot of good feedback on my blogs and have decided to expose myself to a wider world just to see where this next internet adventure may lead. So with high hopes and now weary fingers and mind from pounding out this disertation I  foist upon the world this blog.

…As far as the dating deal is concerned,well like I  said I quit looking and guess what happened.A very fine lady began reading all the different pieces of me to be found on that particular site.Seems she very much liked what she found there and we’ve been getting to know each other for a while now.And yup,it’s going just fine……he said with a sly smile……

………….The Catsman…………

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One Response to The Adventure begins

  1. Deb says:

    Here kitty kitty. Come here & take a bow Mr. Cats. 😀


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