The Faceless Factless Blog

…Ok,so I’m messing around with settings and all sorts of other stuff out here on my blog.I am interested to see how things work and espicialy how things look,as I feel that the way my words are presented can add or detract from the impact they have on the unfortunate reader.Yes I said unfortunate readers,as for the moment I’m not at all sure I have anything of import or even interest to say.

…Truth be told I am realy just out here tonight to pass some time and get a handle on how things work around here.Surffering from the usual frustrations,like fat fingers and clouds passing through the chambers of my oft befuddled mind.Common occurences every time I sit to the keyboard to releasre the words pent up inside.

…Not great reading for you I am sure,and I do apoligize.For future encounters I hope to have my thoughts in better order so that I may pontificate in a more entertaing fashion for those of you who would grace my words by the reading thereof.I shll leave you now and withdraw back to my inner world in the hopes of better thoughts next time.

…………….The catsman…………….

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One Response to The Faceless Factless Blog

  1. Deb says:

    Cats – do what you do best & find most comfortable. Walk into the room, climb up to stand behind your pulpit, & pontificate to your heart’s content.



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