Here We go

…I just found this most interesting place.I have about 50 blogs on a dating site I joined about 6 months ago.This is my birth to the outside internet world as a blogger.I am ubber excited and just had to pound out some words to please my now growing ego.

…Those who follow my work on the dating site have encouraged me to publish.One simply never knows where that road will lead.A very good friend,well my girlfriend that I met on said dating site suggested that I create a blog to pour the contents of my befuddled mind on to.

…Well this is it,I think and we shall see how it works out from here.To all those who have been reading and appreciating my ponderous words I thank you.For Kathy without whose encouragement this would never have happened a HUGE thank you and even bigger hug.This one’s for you Kathy.

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3 Responses to Here We go

  1. Mary says:

    Cats this is killer,congradulations,best of luck to you


  2. Deb says:

    Good Day to you Cats & congratulations. You are now officially tagged to my favorites.


  3. Kathy says:

    Chris…TY for the kind words. It is your words, writings from the heart, mind and soul, that got you to here. I am grateful I have met such an individual as you, and happy my influence has helped you to realise the talent you have. A talent many wish they could obtain. As you pontificate from the pulpit of your mind, enjoy all this newfound arena and the adventures that await you here.. God Speed, my dear friend. This can only be a beginning of great things to come…Hugs to you, my dear….


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